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~ Mystic Sky ~ 50% OFF HOLIDAY SALE

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Everything at the ~ Mystic Sky ~ main store will be set to 50% Off even gift certificates! What better way to kick off the holidays than with a SALE!! So get down here and take advantage of these awesome savings!! See notecard for details 🙂

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A Handsome NEW RELEASE at ~Mystic Sky~

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Richard in Wine

The Richard Ensemble is made with all hand drawn textures and brilliant colors. I have put alot of detail into this outfit which has taken alot of time to create. This ensemble was made with Richard “The seeker” in mind, he is the main character of the ‘Sword of Truth’ book series. An awesome book series if you have never read them its well worth it!

The rustic worn leather vest and pants are complimented with a linen shirt. The rustic worn leather vest and pants are complimented with a linen shirt. The linen shirts sleeves are rolled up just slightly over the elbow with a rolled prim sleeve attachment. The linen shirt is included in the undershirt and shirt layers. The leather vest is made of soft worn leather with suede shoulders and hand done lacing down the front and back. The leather vest is available in the jacket layer only and comes with a prim bottom. The leather pants are available in the pants and underpants (to wear with boots) layers. There is also a belt, bone tooth necklace and woven leather wrist bracers to compliment this outfit.

400 L’s
Available in six colors

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New Release at ~Mystic Sky~

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Eragon in Cream


The Eragon outfit will compliment anyones roleplaying collection. This outfit is made with an attention to detail and handdrawn textures. Included are all layer options such as, shirt, undershirt, jacket, underpants and pants.  Also included are prim sleeves, prim tunic bottom and prim collar.  This outfit matches the Arya gown. This combination is perfect for the roleplaying couple! Feel free to stop by the ~Mystic Sky~ main store to check out all the color options!
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