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** NEW RELEASE ** at ~Mystic Sky~

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The Miranda Babydoll Dress.

This is a first for me, a short casual dress 🙂 Miranda is a babydoll dress made with hand drawn textures and an attention to detail. The skirt has a very natural flowing movement to it and has a soft black netting lining its underside. There are sculpted ruffles that line the bust and thighs, they give the outfit a finished look. Included with the dress is a matching hair piece made of roses ruffles and netting. The dress is vibrant, flirty and only 250 L’s.

Copy / Modify / No Trans.
Available in 8 Colors or sold in a Bulk Pack (the bulk pack is a savings of 50%)


I also boxed the hair piece seperate and added it to the accessory area on the second floor.

79 L’s
Copy / Modify / No Trans.  Available in 8 colors.


Best Wishes,

Sky 🙂

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