** NEW RELEASE ** at ~ Mystic Sky ~

The Ka Nui Male Hula Dancer!!

Ka Nui means the greatest, which fits quite well for a name 🙂  This outfit is great for roleplaying or your summer luau party at the beach. Included are a natural flowing grass skirt, a full headdress, grass anklets, grass bracelets, a lei and matching shorts available in all clothing layers.

450 L’s Mod. / Copy / No Trans

Available in 7 great colors

~Mystic Sky~ Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Existence/37/250/22

~Mystic Sky~ Blog: www.skylerjohn.wordpress.com

** There is a matching female hula outfit as well for the ladies and there is a Maori themed tattoo (sold seperatley) which works great with this outfit!

Best Wishes,

The Serendipity gown in purple is still available in the lucky chair.


One Response to “** NEW RELEASE ** at ~ Mystic Sky ~”

  1. atreiyu the fan thorne Says:

    awesome go sky go!

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