*NEW RELEASE* at ~Mystic Sky~

The Death’s Mistress Gown

50% OFF Today only!!

I am a fan of ‘The Sword of Truth’ books and this gown is similar to what the character ‘Nicci’ wears in the show that was created from the books. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recreating it for SL. The soft leather bodice holds snug the satin gown underneath. The skirt has a naturally flowing movement to it and is slit on the left side. There are prim sleeves with long flowing sheer fabric, a prim collar and detailed prim belt that accent the gown. Made of all hand drawn textures created with an attention to detail. There are are seven stunning colors available to choose from.
Mod/ Copy / No transfer 450L’s

~Mystic Sky~ Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Existence/37/250/22

~Mystic Sky~ Blog: www.skylerjohn.wordpress.com


One Response to “*NEW RELEASE* at ~Mystic Sky~”

  1. atreiyu Says:

    damn ima have to start actually get good at makin clothes so i can hang w the fashion making godesses!

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