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** NEW LUCKY CHAIR PRIZE ** at Mystic Sky

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You can now win the beautiful serendipity gown in the lucky chair for a limited time!! Good Luck Everyone 🙂

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*NEW RELEASE* at ~Mystic Sky~

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Now available are Rose Headdresses!

Roses are red….Violets are blue….erm yeah something like that 😛

I have designed an adorable rose hair wreath with all of you fairies and faes out there in mind. With spring coming this will make a great accessory! You can almost smell the roses on them, see for yourself. There are pictures below

The Headdresses are made of scuplted prims with a fine attention to detail. There are two included in the package, one with ribbons and one without ribbons. The ribbons are flexi and have a soft realistic movement to them.  There are 13 colors to choose from. 
250 L’s Copy / Mod / No Transfer

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In celebration of Valentines Day I have cooked up something sweet for you!! Ok ok ok so maybe I didnt cook it ::sticks tongue out:: but its still something delicious!  Pssstt….read below for the yummy details…
Starting today 2/12 I have set out a LUCKY CUPCAKE in the store filled with yummy prizes!! Inside you will find a pair of fantasy eyes, a hair ornament and the Belladonna gown in ruby!!  So grab the limo at the bottom of the blog and take it to the ~Mystic Sky~ main store. Once your here grab a bite of the Lucky Cupcake! You will either get a boobie prize or a gift prize!! (there are only three boobie prizes in the cupcake so the odds of getting something good are great!) You can try for a prize once every three minutes. If you dont want to wait for the gown from the lucky cupcake, this gown is available for 50% off. Good Luck everyone and Happy Valentines Day! ::licks lips and grins….mmmm yummy sugary cupcake:::

I have also set all RED & PINK clothing items in the store to 50% OFF!!!! This is a great chance to take advantage of some delicious savings! Also there are two couples poses from FD Poses which are on sale for 50% OFF as well!! The poses are soooo simply romantic you will just adore them.

The LUCKY CUPCAKE and 50% OFF SALE is for this weekend only and will end the morning of 2/15!! You dont want to miss these great savings and awesome prizes!!!

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**NEW** at ~Mystic Sky~

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Hello Everyone!! There is Newness at Mystic Sky today 🙂 I loved the christmas gown so much that I just hated to retire the design until next christmas. So I have recolored the christmas gown in 8 beautifully vibrant shades, did away with the holy and gave it a new name. 

The Maria Gown was made with an attention to detail and is two toned. There are prim sleeves and prim bodice ruffles. The skirt
has a beautiful motion to it and comes with two options (slim and ballroom).

400 L’s
Copy / Mod / No Transfer

Eight Stunning Colors Available, see them yourself at the Mystic Sky Mainstore 🙂

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