*NEW* at ~Mystic Sky~


The Holly Gown

I have been so busy latley I havent had much time to create but today I sat down and finally created the christmas gown that has been dancing around in my head 🙂 So just in time for the holidays may I introduce the ‘Holly Gown’.

Set in a stunning shade of ruby red, highlighted with a gorgeous emerald green and accented in gold embroidery! With a skirt that will gently wrap around your legs and flow naturally when you walk. This is a must have for the holidays! This gown comes in one color set, red & green.  All available clothing layers are included. There are also prim sleeves, a belt, two skirt options (slim & ballroom) and a hair ornament to compliment the outfit.

 Copy / Mod / No Trans
 400 L’s

~Mystic Sky~ Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Existence/37/250/22

~Mystic Sky~ Blog: www.skylerjohn.wordpress.com

Happy Holidays Everyone!!


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  1. yay!

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