NEW and 1/2 OFF at ~Mystic Sky~

Katharina Gown in Ruby


The Katharina Gown

A romantic scoop neck empire gown. The gown is gold and is accompanied by a vibrant top for a look that is simply stunning.  Made of hand drawn textures and a fine attention to detail. Added prim attachments and gently flowing flexi prims complete this outfit for a realistic look.

The Katharina Gown comes with all available clothing layer options (shirt, undershirt, jacket, pants and underpants), two skirt options (glow / no glow), two sleeve options (bow / no bow), prim lacing for the top and a headdress to compliment the outfit.

425 L’s
Copy / Modify / No Transfer

Available in 8 beautiful colors

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One Response to “NEW and 1/2 OFF at ~Mystic Sky~”

  1. Atreiyu P Thorne Says:

    rock on! man if i was a grl id tottaly snag this
    actually if i meet a grl il def keep it in mind

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