2 NEW RELEASES at ~Mystic Sky~

Denna in Red

**NEW** The Denna (Mord Sith) outfit

Recently I have been reading ‘The Sword of Truth’ book series and creating the main characters outfits from the tv series they made from the books. The Denna outfit is that of a ‘Mord Siths’. The ‘Mord Sith’  are an elite group of women warriors who fight with a magical weapon called an Aigel. This outfit is highly detailed and is perfect for the woman warrior in all of us!

The Denna outfit is made of all hand drawn textures. This outfit comes with all available clothing layers (pants, shirt, undershirt, jacket, gloves, underpants and an extra pants layer to wear without boots), sculpted prim corset buckles, a sculpted prim collar, sculpted prim thigh straps w/ buckles and two sculpted prim belt options (w/ Agiel & w/ out Agiel).    ( 450 L’s      Copy / Modify / No transfer )

Available in 4 colors

Denna Leather Boots in Red

Also available, leather calf boots to match each Denna outfit color. The boots are named ‘Denna Leather Boots’ and are sold seperatly. The boots are scripted for easy sizing.       ( 350 L’s      No Modify / Copy / No Transfer )

Available in 4 colors.

To see all available colors please visit the ~Mystic Sky~ Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Existence/37/250/22

~Mystic Sky~ Blog: www.skylerjohn.wordpress.com


One Response to “2 NEW RELEASES at ~Mystic Sky~”

  1. Awsome
    pants eagerly and begs like a dog for a mens version

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