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Raven halloween special

I have a special treat for you! I have recolored the Raven gown to a beautiful mix of Orange and Black and I have set it for sale at 100 lindens!! The gown will remain out until Sunday evening so hurry before its to late!!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone!!

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Fantasy EyesNatural Eyes

Today there is a NEW RELEASE in the store well actually 55 five of them O.o I think i went a bit eye overboard lol

I have been busy hand drawing some fantasy eyes and natural eyes. There are several types of fantasy eyes (checkers, x’s, cracked, crazy, crosshair, dragon, spider web, star, swirls, tiger, toxic, tribal, vampire and warewolf) and 14 sets of natural colored eyes. All eyes are hand drawn and original designs. All eye sets are no mod / copy / no transfer.

Fantasy Eyes: 120L each
Natural Eyes: 80L each
Some sets available in fat packs.
Please feel free to come down and check them out, they are located to the right of the main entrance when you walk in the store.

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Mirabella Gown

There is a NEW LUCKY CHAIR PRIZE in the LC.  The stunning Mirabella Gown in sapphire. This gown is made of hand drawn textures and sells for a retail price of 450 L’s.  This gown will only be available for a short time so get it while you you can! 🙂


Also starting tonight there will be a……



50% off of all Black, Gold & Orange outfits in the store!

Sale Ends Friday at 8pm SLT

The Mirabelle Gown in Sapphire
Available for a short time, get it while you can!

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2 NEW RELEASES at ~Mystic Sky~

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Denna in Red

**NEW** The Denna (Mord Sith) outfit

Recently I have been reading ‘The Sword of Truth’ book series and creating the main characters outfits from the tv series they made from the books. The Denna outfit is that of a ‘Mord Siths’. The ‘Mord Sith’  are an elite group of women warriors who fight with a magical weapon called an Aigel. This outfit is highly detailed and is perfect for the woman warrior in all of us!

The Denna outfit is made of all hand drawn textures. This outfit comes with all available clothing layers (pants, shirt, undershirt, jacket, gloves, underpants and an extra pants layer to wear without boots), sculpted prim corset buckles, a sculpted prim collar, sculpted prim thigh straps w/ buckles and two sculpted prim belt options (w/ Agiel & w/ out Agiel).    ( 450 L’s      Copy / Modify / No transfer )

Available in 4 colors

Denna Leather Boots in Red

Also available, leather calf boots to match each Denna outfit color. The boots are named ‘Denna Leather Boots’ and are sold seperatly. The boots are scripted for easy sizing.       ( 350 L’s      No Modify / Copy / No Transfer )

Available in 4 colors.

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NEW RELEASE at ~Mystic Sky~

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Autumn Gown in Brown

This beautiful gown is just in time for the Fall season. Made of hand drawn textures and detailed sculpted prim accents to create a stunning mix! This is a must see!

  The Autumn gown comes with all available clothing layer options (shirt, undershirt, jacket, patns and underpants), a prim belt with jewel accents, flexi prim skit, bodice ruffles (gold and gown color) and a ruffle collar necklace with a jewel accent (gold and gown color). This gown is two toned, gold and an overlaying color. The color choices are custom created and are perfect for Fall!

450 L’s
Copy / Modify / No Transfer

There are nine color options, come see them for yourself 🙂

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Fall Flickr Photo Contest Winners!!

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First Place

FIRST PLACE: Finn Lawksley

Second Place


Third Place

THIRD PLACE: Martina Lavendel

Thank you everyone who participated! All the pictures submitted were great!!

24 HOUR SECRET SALE at ~Mystic Sky~

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Sale Sign


24 Hour Secret Sale starts NOW!! 50% off one color of each outfit in the store and one gown is marked down to 100 L’s!! Sale ends at 5pm slt tomorrow so hurry down here for some great savings!

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