Newness & a Contest at ~Mystic Sky~

There are a few NEW things going on at the store that I would like to tell you about.

First its Fall, I love this season! So I am having a Fall Flicker Photo contest, I’m very excited to see what pictures everyone comes up with this time! The Photo contest will begin today 9/21/09 and it will end 10/5/09. Please read the information at the bottom of this post for all info regarding the contest 🙂

The second thing is…..there is a NEW LUCKY CHAIR PRIZE….! Yup you read that correctly 🙂 I have put the beautiful Raven gown in Ruby in the LC. This gown is a stunning shade of Red and perfect for Fall! This will only be in the LC for a limited time so get it while you can! This gown normally sells at a retail value of 450 L’s, so this is a great deal!

Raven Gown in Ruby

And last but not least! I want to announce a new line of ‘Stiletto’ brand accessories made exclusivley for ~Mystic Sky~! A dear friend of mine Amanda LeMay is going to be making accessories that will go perfect with the items at my store. She is an amazing builder and im very excited to see what unique things she creates.

That being said below you will find pictures of the NEWEST RELEASE!!
The Flower Garland is available in either gold or silver. Each box contains three flower wreaths (colors include spring mix, red and white). They are made with a fine attention to detail and come with copy / modify permissions. 250 L’s

Flower Garland SilverFlower Garland Gold

~Mystic Sky~ Main Store:


~Mystic Sky~ Fall Flickr Photo Contest

The season of Fall is upon us! Time for pumpkins, hayrides and beautiful displays of leaves turning colors! We are having a Photo Contest with a Fall theme. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Love taking pictures? Want to win a 2000$L, 1000$L or 500$L linden shopping voucher to ~Mystic Sky~ ? Join the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design Flickr group and post your favorite Fall themed picture wearing an outfit from ~Mystic Sky~. (for the photos please try and keep a medeival, roleplay or romantic theme geared to the Fall season. Other than that use your imagination, the sky is the limit!)

There will be three winners in total. The first place winner will receive a 2000$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~, the second place winner will receive a 1000$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~ and the third place winner will receive a 500$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~. (all vouchers can only be used at the ~Mystic Sky~ main store location). All winning photos will also be displayed on the ~Mystic Sky~ blog.

Below are the guidelines for this contest:

1.) In order to take part in this contest you must have a Flickr account.

2.) Entries will be accepted starting today 9/21/09 up until 10/05/09. Any entries received after 10/05/09 will not be able to partake in the photo contest. Only one photo entry per person.

3.) All photo entries must be posted to the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design group.

4.) When posting a photo to the group for this contest please put the following information into the description of the photo so that I know it is meant as a contest entry. Mystic Sky Photo Contest and your Second Life avatar’s name.

5.) Photoshopping is allowed, be creative and have fun with it!

6.) All contest entries must include at least one outfit from ~Mystic Sky~.  ***The free Medieval Male, free Medieval Woman and all LC Prizes cannot be used for this contest.  (the past LC prizes include Arya in White, Ella in Lavender, Samantha in Royal Blue, Serendipity in Pink and Raven in Ruby)

7.) More than one person can be in the photo. However the person submitting the photo is the person that will receive the prize if they win the contest.

8.) By submitting a photo to the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design flickr group you give Skyler John permission to use this photo as an image in the ~Mystic sky~ store if she so chooses. There is a possiblility that some images may be choosen to hang in the main store location.

9.) Have fun! I cant wait to see what creative ideas everyone comes up with!


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