New Release at ~Mystic Sky~

A beautiful NEW RELEASE at ~Mystic Sky~ , The Kahlan Gown.

Kahlan Gown

The Kahlan Gown is made with all hand drawn textures and brilliant colors. I have put alot of detail into this gown which has taken alot of time to create in order to bring you quality textures. The weave of the fabric is fine and smooth bearing no frills, the gown is elegant in its simplicity. The long graceful folds of the skirt will gather around your legs and regally trail behind you when you walk.  This gown was created with Kahlan one of the main characters of the ‘Sword of Truth’ books in mind. If you havent read the books they are wonderfull.

This gown comes with two skirt options (slim & full), prim sleeves, prim collar & prim belt. All clothing for the gown is available in all clothing layers (pants, underpants, shirt, under shirt & jacket) except the optional modesty top (available in undershirt only).

400 L$

~Mystic Sky~ Main Store:


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