Foxxy & ~Mystic Sky~ Treasure Hunt!

Foxxy & ~Mystic Sky~ are having a TREASURE HUNT!

The hunt will begin 8/13/09 and end on  8/20/09.

For what reason are we having a hunt you ask? Well for fun that is! Both Foxxy and I love hunts and we know how much you love them to! So this is our chance to let you all have some fun and find some great prizes!!

There are four treasure chests to find, one pink and one blue chest in each store. There are two blue chests for the males and two pink chests for the females.  The treasure chests are small and hidden well so you must use all of your hunting skills to find them! But once you find the treasure you will be rewarded! All items in the treasure chests are items that are sold for retail value in the stores. Below you will find pictures of the hunt gifts and also the landmarks you will need to find the treasure! We cannot tell you which prizes are in which store so good luck hunting!!

~Mystic Sky~ Main Store:

Foxxy Main Store:

Foxxy & ~Mystic Sky~ Hunt Gifts


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