A brand new original design, the Marian Gown.  This is available in eight rich beautiful colors that will be sure to make you stand out! This gown is made of hand drawn textures and is very detailed. Trimmed with vibrant gold over naturally flowing flexi prims. This outfit also comes with a flexi prim cloak with gold chain closure, a belt to compliment the gown and a headdress with flowing flexi prim ribbons. This is the perfect addition to anyones  roleplaying collection. Look below for a picture of this beautiful NEW RELEASE! Please feel free to stop by the main store to check out all the colors!

Click here for a limo,

Marian Gown in Purple

NEW!! Flickr Group

Make sure you join the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design flickr group!! There will be a contest coming soon 🙂 Feel free to post anything in the group as long as you include a product from ~Mystic Sky~

NEW! LC Prize!

The Arya Gown in White can now be won from the LC at my main store. Get it now while you can before its to late!

Click here for a limo,

Arya Gown in White


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