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SALE 50% off all BLUE & PURPLE items!!

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Special SALE!!! 50% off of all BlUE & PURPLE  items in the store!!  Sale will end on Friday at 3pm slt!! So come on down to the ~Mystic Sky~ main store before this sale is over and its to late to take advantage of these great savings!

If you have been looking for some medieval roleplay outfits or something romantic to wear out that is crafted with hand drawn textures then now is your chance to get it for a great price!!

~Mystic Sky~ main store location:


~Mystic Sky~ Flickr Photo Contest Winners!

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Hello Everyone!

The ~Mystic Sky~ Flickr photo contest is now over. I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. It was very hard to choose three winners for this contest, there were so many great entries!  With the help of some friends the three winners have been chosen! The winners are as follows:

First Place: Aabbi Rhode

Aabbi Rhode ~Mystic Sky~ Photo Contest Entry

Second Place: Anthea Starsider

Anthea Starsider ~Mystic Sky~ Photo Contest Entry

Third Place: Boudica Destiny

Boudica Destiny ~Mystic Sky~ Photo Contest Entry

Congrat’s to the winners and thank you everyone who participated in this contest!

All of the entries can be seen on the ~Mysitc Sky~ Flickr group page at

Several new releases coming soon! Such as tiny / children sized gowns, new releases and a new main store build!

Thanks for all the support everyone!

~Mystic Sky~ main store location:

New Release at ~Mystic Sky~

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Eragon in Cream


The Eragon outfit will compliment anyones roleplaying collection. This outfit is made with an attention to detail and handdrawn textures. Included are all layer options such as, shirt, undershirt, jacket, underpants and pants.  Also included are prim sleeves, prim tunic bottom and prim collar.  This outfit matches the Arya gown. This combination is perfect for the roleplaying couple! Feel free to stop by the ~Mystic Sky~ main store to check out all the color options!
~Mystic Sky~ main store location:

~Mystic Sky~ Flickr Photo Contest

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~Mystic Sky~ Flickr Photo Contest

Love taking pictures? Want to win a 2000$L, 1000$L or 500$L linden shopping voucher to ~Mystic Sky~ ? Join the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design Flickr group and post your favorite picture wearing an outfit from ~Mystic Sky~. Try and keep with the Medieval and roleplay theme.

There will be three winners in total. The first place winner will receive a 2000$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~, the second place winner will receive a 1000$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~ and the third place winner will receive a 500$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~. (all vouchers can only be used at the ~Mystic Sky~ main store location).

Below are the guidelines for this contest:

1.) In order to take part in this contest you must have a Flickr account.

2.) Entries will be accepted starting today 7/13/09 up until 7/27/09. Any entries received after 7/27/09 will not be able to partake in the photo contest. Only one photo entry per person.

3.) All photo entries must be posted to the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design group.

4.) When posting a photo to the group for this contest please put the following information into the description of the photo so that I know it is meant as a contest entry. Mystic Sky Photo Contest and your Second Life avatar’s name.

5.) Photoshopping is allowed, be creative and have fun with it!

6.) All contest entries must include at least one outfit from ~Mystic Sky~. (The free Medieval Male and Medieval Woman  outfits cannot be used for this contest)

7.) More than one person can be in the photo. However the person submitting the photo is the person that will receive the prize if they win the contest.

8.) By submitting a photo to the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design flickr group you give Skyler John permission to use this photo as an image in the ~Mystic sky~ store if she so chooses. There is a possiblility that some images may be choosen to hang in the main store location.

9.) Have fun! I cant wait to see what creative ideas everyone comes up with!

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A brand new original design, the Marian Gown.  This is available in eight rich beautiful colors that will be sure to make you stand out! This gown is made of hand drawn textures and is very detailed. Trimmed with vibrant gold over naturally flowing flexi prims. This outfit also comes with a flexi prim cloak with gold chain closure, a belt to compliment the gown and a headdress with flowing flexi prim ribbons. This is the perfect addition to anyones  roleplaying collection. Look below for a picture of this beautiful NEW RELEASE! Please feel free to stop by the main store to check out all the colors!

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Marian Gown in Purple

NEW!! Flickr Group

Make sure you join the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design flickr group!! There will be a contest coming soon 🙂 Feel free to post anything in the group as long as you include a product from ~Mystic Sky~

NEW! LC Prize!

The Arya Gown in White can now be won from the LC at my main store. Get it now while you can before its to late!

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Arya Gown in White

Two New Freebies & 4th of July Sale Extended!!

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I have put out two new free outfits in my main store location. One male and one female, enjoy! I have also extended the 4th of July sale until the end of Sunday!! Last chance to take advantage of the 50% off discount on RED and BLUE gowns!!  Pics of the freebies and a limo are below!

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Medieval Male OutfitMedieval Woman Outfit

SALE!! 50% off Red and Blue gowns!

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Its almost the 4th of July! The perfect time for family, friends, bbq’s and sales!! Today until the end of the 4th all RED and BLUE gowns will be 50% off of their original price!! So come on down before this sale is over! (this does not include satallite stores, slexchange or fatpacks)

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Fourth of July SALE!!